Our Story

It’s an irresistible invitation, and if you choose to accept it, we promise you an unforgettable experience! We want to transport you in more ways than one! Our transportation service company is the realization of a dream for two people who love the country, its culture and its people, and who want to share that passion with others.

Here to host you...

Imad Zaanoun
Moroccan tour guide

Imad Zaanoun is a Sahara man! He is A careful, patient driver, holds certification as a professional driver, and is also a licensed mechanic. He transports visitors in a 2013 Toyota Prado 4X4 Land Cruiser. Ensuring your safety and comfort regardless of the road. He became an independent provider of transportation services in 2013.

Imad knows the entire country of Morocco thoroughly, and knows the best of everything: the best places to eat, the best places to stay — even the best spots to stop for pictures! He has a network of trustworthy and reliable contacts along every route who ensure his guests are always well taken care of.

Your program will always be conducted in your language, as Imad speaks seven languages including several European languages and English in addition to Arabic and local Berber dialects. Let him be your host on our Morocco day tours, Marrakech day tours, and Morocco desert tours.

Be sure to ask him to play Berber, Arabic, and Moroccan music during your trip – you’ll feel transported in every possible way!

Morrocon Guide Tour

Moroccan tour guide, Imad Zaanoun began guiding visitors to the desert when he was 14. In 2013, he began providing transportation services independently, and registered Sahara Adventures SARL AU in 2014.

Here to support you…

Elaine Dixson
Canadian travel co-ordinator and advisor

Elaine Dixson first travelled to Morocco in 2013 to participate in a culinary tour that was eventually cancelled – and went to the desert instead! It was a life-changing experience. She fell in love with Morocco, and now thinks of Morocco as her second home

Elaine is your Canadian travel co-ordinator and advisor when you contact us for information about travel to Morocco or Morocco tours. She has worked with Sahara Adventures and Imad Zaanoun since 2013. She visits Morocco several times a year – and dreams of living in Morocco at least for the winters – and has visited almost every corner of the country, always marveling at its beauty and diversity. Even when she’s in Canada, there’s always a little of Morocco in daily life: there’s a “little Moroccan treasure” in every room in the house, and friends and family have come to expect Moroccan cuisine appear in some form at almost every meal. Elaine has spent many years as a communications consultant in Canada, and has travelled extensively throughout the world, always independently. She can help you plan any aspect of your own tour, always with the goal of helping you experience the authentic Morocco in safety and comfort – unforgettably! Contact her to learn about these great tours: Morocco desert tours Camel tours Marrrakech Marrakech day tours